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Ensuring your pet lives the longest and most rewarding life is a major responsibility. Yet, your demanding work or family life may become an obstacle in tending to your pet.  We provide daycare services for your canine or feline companion!

• Morning and afternoon playtime routines.

• Nap and rest time just like home! (bed, blanket, toy, snack included)

• Hygiene like ear cleaning, shampoo, nail trim, combing.

Safe and secure for your satisfaction

Your pet won't need his or her entire set of toys and materials; we have a full slate of items to treat them like welcomed guests! From bowls, beds, blankets, toys, we supply the best for your pet. It is highly recommended to bring your pet's own food however, to maintain a consistent diet. Pedigree dry food is available for $1.00 daily per dog.

Taking care of your pet's best

interests is our specialty

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