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We look forward to loving your pet the minute you book their stay with us!


Welcome to the Bungalow...a separate building that is climate controlled, and  provides a quiet, serene atmosphere for the special needs of your pet.  This building is designed for those dogs that are older, need special consideration, or maybe just a puppy that does not need a large expansive run .  


No cages here, we provide a "non chain link" atmosphere with individual runs that can be customized for the size and needs of your pet. We also include their very own secured play yard, and includes one playtime per day with your boarding fee



1 pet - $40 per day  - (includes 1 playtime)

2nd pet - Additional $15.00 (Includes 1 playtime)

3rd pet  - Additional $ 10.00 (Includes 1 playtime)


No charge for boarding on the day of departure, if pet is picked up before noon.  Additional fee of  $20.00 will be charged for departures after noon time.

Dogs-house-pet-resort bungalow