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Make sure that your pet's shots are up-to-date

Before your pet can start its fun-filled stay at Dawg House, we need to check that all vaccinations are current. Your pet is sure to make many new friends here, so having proper vaccines  will ensure the safety of all the pet guests here at the Dawg House.

• Canines include rabies, DHPP (Distempter, Hepatitis, Para influenza and Parvovirus), and Bordella vaccinations.

• Felines include FVRCP (Feline viral rinotrachetis, calici virus and panlukpoenia) and rabies vaccinations.

• Proper veterinarian records are required for our services!

Anything we should know before caring for your pet?

Any loving owner knows and loves their pet's specific little quirks. Your pet's health and routines are surely second nature to you, but may be an adjustment when brought into our resort. Be sure to talk with us when you are ready to introduce us to your loved one!

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Pamper your pet! Call us for more info!